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2021 COVID-19 Update

Hello Campers, Teachers, and Chaperones!

After a long year without hosting guests, we are incredibly excited to welcome you back to camp soon. As has become customary for many businesses this last year, we will be operating with new COVID-19 mitigation protocols until the CDC recommends otherwise. While some of these new protocols will change how some parts of camp look and feel, we are confident that you will still enjoy a fun, enriching, and memorable experience at camp for everyone involved.

These protocols are taken both from guidance provided for summer camp & school operations. 
We will be operating with Layered Mitigation Strategies outlined by the CDC. These five strategies are most effective when all five are strictly adhered to and respected. It is through honoring and adhering to all five that we can operate to satisfy our commitments to all members of your group. COVID is a pathogen and we can not guarantee that any facility, including yours, will at all times be COVID free.

Information taken from the CDC suggestions for Youth Programs and Camps, viewable here.

INcreased Ventilation

In addition to built in fans, many of our cabins have additional fans that sit in the window to increase ventilation and fresh air moving through the cabin.

Outdoor Eating Spaces

In addition to our dining lodge, we now have a large outdoor covered eating area allowing for groups to spread out during meal times.

Kitchen Window MEal Service

We are serving all meals through our kitchen window as opposed to setting up a buffet line in the actual dining room


Due to new guidelines from the CDC, we will support mask wearing by all campers and staff. We are leaving a mask policy to be determined by each individual group that visits our facility.

Physical Distance

At all times at camp, pay close attention to how physically close you are to others. When possible, stay at least 6 feet apart from others. Distancing and being mindful of space will help mitigate any potential spread.

Handwashing & Respiratory Etiquette

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and completely. This means warm water and 20 seconds of lathering. When sneezing or coughing, please be sure to do so either into a tissue when not masked, and aim into your elbow. After sneezing or coughing, please wash your hands.

Clean Facilities

Camp will have been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned before your arrival. We will be implementing scheduled cleaning of communal areas and bath house touchpoints throughout your stay.

Symptom Checking

Every morning, please be sure to take note if you have any symptoms that are irregular or could indicate you are sick. Symptoms to watch for include a cough, sore throat, fatigue, and loss of taste/smell. If you feel any of these, consult with the appropriate person responsible for mitigating sickness in your group. 

If any COVID-19 symptoms are present in any participants, they must stay home. If a student or participant is exhibiting symptoms of or tests positive for COVID 19 or other communicable disease, they must be quarantined by the group's medical staff. Participants may be required to make immediate arrangements to be picked up.

Camp is a place where we look out for one another. It is through all of these being followed that we respect our peers. We ask these protocols to be followed in the spirit of living the CampWay.

We Can’t Wait to See You!

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