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Guided Recreation

Outdoor Fun, Wherever You Are

CampWay recreation doesn’t just happen at camp. We offer many of our programs and classes in beautiful locations around Prescott, AZ. We can also travel to schools or other facilities in Prescott or the Phoenix metro area. Let us know what your group’s needs are and get ready for adventure!

Discover Rock Climbing Course

Granite Dells
  • Time: 3 hours

  • Prerequisites: None

This three-hour introductory experience is tailored to groups and individuals wanting to experience rock climbing for the first time. If you’ve ever gazed up at a rock climber from the ground and wondered what it’d be like to climb or if you’re visiting Prescott and looking for something fun to do, Discover Rock Climbing is for you.

person rock climbing

Group Climbing Outings

Granite Dells
  • Time: 3 or 6 hours

  • Prerequisites: NONE

  • Group Size: 7-20 people

Like our Challenge Course programs, Campway group rock climbing outings are designed for larger groups interested in trying something new together. These outings are perfect for corporate groups, birthday parties or student groups wanting to bond and support one another while sharing a memorable day outside.

Rappelling Trips

Granite Dells
  • Time: 3 hours

  • Prerequisites: None

Want to see cliffs and rock surfaces in a whole new way? Wanting to explore these areas, but intimidated by the physicality of climbing? Our rappelling trips depend on your goals. We can guide you through a variety of progressions or just descend cliffs in the Granite Dells! Perfect for individuals or groups up to ~20.

girl rock climbing
People doing the low ropes course

Off-Site Team Building

Granite Dells

CampWay team building activities are a fun, effective way to grow as a group, and you don’t have to be on a ropes course to enjoy them. We love facilitating half or full-day programming for schools, small businesses, corporate groups and beyond. We’ll provide the props and facilitation tools. All you need is a readiness to move, work together, and have fun!

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