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On-Site Recreation

Challenge Courses

Our ropes challenge courses are designed to push groups and individuals to get outside of their comfort zone and encourage each other in a supportive, adventure-filled environment. We utilize High and Low Ropes Course elements to build trust, improve communication, develop self confidence and more. Our courses are available for full and half-day bookings for group sizes of 8-100 people and can be custom fit to meet your goals. Most groups want to complete both high and low ropes courses!

Zip Line

Friendly Pines
Camp Stein

Conquer your fears and get ready to fly! Participants in this challenge will climb a tree or rock wall with belay assistance before zipping high across a forest meadow.

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Climbing Wall

Friendly Pines
Camp Stein

The climbing wall is a confidence-inspiring challenge for groups of any age or background. Peers cheer each other on from below and learn from each other’s climbing choices as each person scales the wall.

High Ropes Course

Friendly Pines

The High Ropes Course includes the zip line, climbing wall, leap of faith, giant swing, and more. It takes groups high off the ground to embrace and push past their fears through positive coaching and support.

people in a tree
young man swinging on a low rope while other watch

Low Ropes Course

Friendly Pines
Camp Stein

The Low Ropes Course focuses on group games and obstacle courses that encourage teamwork and creative problem solving. Low ropes is for everyone, and we tailor the program to fit each group’s needs and abilities.

Other Camp Activities

From sports to scavenger hunts, there is no end of fun activity options at camp. Contact us to book custom programming for your group!


Friendly Pines
Camp Stein

Learn how to shoot, aim & control your arrow! Camp archery ranges have options for all skill levels and ages.

Girl shooting a bow
people hiking

Guided Hikes

Friendly Pines
Camp Stein
Granite Dells

Discover the Prescott National Forest’s pristine beauty, exploring tucked-away lakes and landmarks.

Axe Throwing

Friendly Pines

Learn how to safely throw, aim, & hit the target!

throwing axe stuck in wood
people kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking

Friendly Pines

Explore Prescott’s lakes together, paddle in hand.

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