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Why CampWay?

Our guests receive our undivided attention and real-time, on call support. The CampWay team is made up of experienced educators, wilderness guides, facility managers, and caterers who are enthusiastic about making your camp experience unforgettable.


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Matt Gilmer

Co-Founder & Director

Matt runs all things related to CampWay’s programs including CampWay’s Science Camp and Challenge Course programs. 

Matt is a lifelong camp person and has spent over half his life’s summers at different camps around the country. Before starting CampWay, Matt worked for Friendly Pines as a contractor with his own company, Gilmer Outdoor Adventures, while also providing rock climbing guide services to Prescott and its visitors. 
Matt enjoys guiding people through their experiences at camp and helping them realize the small lessons camp life provides so they can return home with a different lens for their lives. 

In his free time, Matt enjoys playing with his dog Max (sometimes spotted at camp) and wandering about Prescott’s natural places.

Jonathan Pierson

Co-Founder & Director

Jonathan will likely be your first contact at camp and collaborates, problem solves, and welcomes group leaders and families to get the most out of their trip to camp.

Before starting CampWay, Jonathan spent 8 years at Friendly Pines Camp helping with the rental operations. After working with schools, organizations, and families to leverage their time at camp successfully, Jonathan now continues to innovate and improve offerings for all clients and guests of CampWay. 

Jonathan enjoys snowboarding and cruisin’ on his dual sport motorcycle in the Prescott National Forest.

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Kitchen and Dining

Jason Blazer

Dining Director/Head Chef

While at camp, you will experience dining and meals under the careful and auspicious guidance of Jason. 

Jason manages one of the most complicated parts of any camp, the kitchen. From juggling food orders, staff training, menu planning, and special food allergies Jason is one of a kind. His expertise and passion for food brings our dining experience to a whole new level.

Jason is a proud veteran of the Navy and has served in many dynamic culinary roles around the country. Having been at Friendly Pines for 3 years, and now CampWay.

Johnny Annerino

Assistant Chef

Johnny is second to Jason in the kitchen. His positive can do attitude, work ethic, and ability to manage a kitchen helps keep the heart of camp running smoothly.


Cindy Eby

Kitchen Staff

Cindy is an absolute joy to be around. Her kind and generous nature give way to impeccable service for all our guests!



Derek Hassler

Facility Director

Derek is our go to guy when it comes to all things facilities. His creativity in problem solving, can do attitude, and work ethic makes him a valuable part of our team.

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